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Tricia Nabors

How My Journey Began...

After two decades of working with several bosses who lacked essential leadership skills, I began to dream. My dream centered around ways I could help people become influential leaders… with a twist. My “passion position” related to coaching and empowering clients. I loved how I helped them and I excelled at it. Yet I wanted to shift from working with clients from a clinical perspective to a coaching approach that promotes an awareness of the power of emotional intelligence. My personal journey led me to my current work with emerging leaders, leaders who want to be more intentional, make a greater impact, and breakthrough self-limiting beliefs.

A Unique Blend of Leadership Coaching

Over 20+ years, I’ve been a clinical therapist, career coach, and executive director of an educational program. This experience formed my leadership coaching approach, specifically designed to foster an individual’s personal and professional development. In life, the personal and professional are intertwined. And we’re never “done.” Growth is a series of ongoing processes. In our work together, my goal is to facilitate your journey in reaching your full potential -- whether it’s about improving relationship quality, developing skills to lead others, or growing professional effectiveness and capabilities. 

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Discover Your Unique Voice

I have helped hundreds of people from all walks of life discover their unique voices. As a woman of color, I’ve felt invalidated, minimized, and ignored in a variety of professional situations. I learned first-hand how important it is to speak up, not only for oneself but for others. 


By finding and honoring your voice, you’ll feel validated even as you transform in ways you never imagined. As your coach, you’ll find that I’m passionate, especially with motivated individuals driven to become exceptional leaders. I’ll help you see your blind spots, embrace your strengths, and create strategies that empower you and others. By using your voice, you’ll create an environment of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Helping You Get REAL to Lead Boldly

Whether it's through individual coaching, group intensive workshops, online programs, or public speaking engagements, I am driven to help leaders find their truth. Getting REAL (Recognize, Explore, Adapt, Live) is a straightforward yet powerful approach to focus your journey towards emerging as an authentic and powerful leader.

What You Should Know About Me

Working with a leadership coach is an intensive and very personal process. You want to find a coach that’s best suited to your personality, personal style, and professional goals. To help you decide if we’re a good fit, let me share how my clients and colleagues often describe me:

Dedicated to Positive Outcomes

"Becoming an exceptional leader requires dedication, introspection, and hard work. You’ll find that Trish is 100% committed to your success."

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Forthright Communicator

"Trish is committed to being an active and undistracted listener. This means she listens carefully to what you say (and don’t say), all the while asking questions. Trish is a truth speaker; she’s not afraid to say the hard things in a respectful, supportive way on your REAL journey."

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A Fearless Advocate

"As you embrace a journey of growth, you’ll find situations where you’ll need to take leaps of faith. Don’t worry. Trish will stand with you and by you." 

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Intentionally Take The Next Step 

There’s a quote from Brene’ Brown that is so applicable to growing and thriving as a leader - “Who you are is how you lead.” I believe that it’s imperative for our leaders of tomorrow to have a better understanding of themselves today to be healthy and effective. This exploratory step is crucial before you take on the responsibility of guiding, influencing, and leading others. 


Are you ready to take the next step with me? 

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