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Public Speaker

"When you’re a driven person, stagnancy is unsettling. I started working with Trish when I realized that I was not on a path towards achieving my professional goals. Over the next several months, she and I worked together to better define my ambitions, update my resume and prepare for interviews. This process was invaluable; I was well prepared for any interview question because I had clarity around my strengths, I could speak to my experience, knowledge and aspirations in a precise and concise way. My nerves were not a barrier when I walked into a conference room and was interviewed by an entire executive team. When I received an offer for the job that aligned with my career goals, she coached me through the negotiation process which resulted in a much higher salary. We’ve continued to work together in an executive coaching capacity as I continue to grow in my leadership role. Trish is an incredible asset to any individual or organization in their pursuit of professional excellence!"

-Arielle Weidner

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