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Hear what leaders have to say about working with me and the results they have achieved.


Trish meets each client where they are at

"Trish will call clients out, but with respect.  Trish is honest with clients in regards to areas they need to work on to be the best person they can be. Trish knows if a client is ready to work on themselves and if they are not."

When you’re a driven person, stagnancy is unsettling.

"I started working with Trish when I realized that I was not on a path towards achieving my professional goals. Over the next several months, she and I worked together to better define my ambitions, update my resume and prepare for interviews. "


Tricia was professional, knowledgeable, and is an effective speaker

"Tricia’s presentation was thoughtful and mind-provoking, as she led the audience through an interactive workshop, which encouraged us to think beyond the stereotypes and consider what kind of thinking holds many of us back from moving forward. "

Since Tricia is genuine and she displays that she cares

"The service that Tricia brings to our customers is phenomenal. Tricia sessions has greatly affected our customers in the best way and the most positive way. Tricia uses BRAVING for her sessions topics for the customers. Which assists with one's problem solving, social skills, and cognition."


She was flexible in providing feedback and direction 

"I was struggling and needed a bit of direction in my professional and personal life. Tricia did not use a cookie-cutter approach and gave me things to work on between sessions."

The whole experience was very valuable

"My primary focus was developing a strategy to effectively change my career - leaving local government and getting back into corporate.  Tricia listened intently and quickly and was able to encapsulate (accurately) where I was trying to go and what was needed to get me there. "


Working with Tricia Nabors was truly a fantastic experience

"Tricia was very open to the ideas and the perfect Resume that I had in mind for me- yet was never able to compose as she did. Tricia was very open and willing to work around my schedule and was a very positive and motivational coach for the 3 sessions that we met."

 I was able to publish my novel

"Working with Trish Nabors has been a great blessing and I’d liken her coaching stills to that of a doula. With so many ideas floating around in my head, I struggled to stay on task."

Are you ready to take the next step with me? 

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