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We spend roughly one-third of our lives at work. Are you investing your precious time and energy into work you love? Deciding to change jobs or make a career shift can be daunting and exhilarating. Career coaching provides you with the support and help you need to move forward on your career path. 


In our work together you’ll get REAL -- Recognize, Explore, Adapt, and Live -- using a framework that I developed to accelerate growth and master new skills.

Image by Ian Schneider

Career Coaching is designed to help when:

  • Transitioning into a new role or organization 

  • Feeling a lack of confidence in job search outreach and networking

  • Preparing yourself for interviews, negotiating job offers, and creating ongoing career management plans

  • Recognizing self-sabotaging behaviors and creating new patterns

  • Highlighting strengths, identifying knowledge gaps, and discovering learning opportunities



By celebrating your strengths and accomplishments, you’ll feel transformed in ways you never imagined. By acknowledging specific areas for growth, you’ll feel the confidence to move toward. 


As your career coach, you’ll find that I’m passionate, especially with motivated individuals driven to become exceptional. I’ll help you see your blind spots, embrace your strengths, and create strategies to achieve your audacious career goals.



Preparing yourself for a career change can be a time consuming and emotional journey. You’ll find my coaching approach to be simple and straightforward. Together we’ll quickly identify your specific career-related challenges, often using assessments to uncover patterns or behaviors that may be getting in your way. We’ll create an action plan that aligns with your career and personal goals, creates the foundation for a growth mindset you’ll carry with you into your next position and future job changes, as well as address the roadblocks that inevitably arise on any achievement journey.


The number of sessions is dependent on you, the goals you want to achieve, and the gaps to be filled. At the center of career coaching is you. Each session will focus on the areas that have the greatest impact on your success.

“Over the next several months, [Trish] and I worked together to better define my ambitions, update my resume, and prepare for interviews. This process was invaluable; I was well prepared for any interview question because I had clarity around my strengths. I could speak to my experience, knowledge and aspirations in a precise and concise way. When I received an offer that aligned with my career goals, she coached me through the negotiation process which resulted in a much higher salary.”


~ Arielle Weidner


Intentionally Take the Next Step

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