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We empower, encourage, and enlighten clients to break down barriers in support of their personal and professional self-examination to thrive as leaders.

Discovering Your REAL Authentic Self

Tricia Nabors is a highly regarded leadership coach who is committed to helping to find your pathway to discovering your REAL authentic self.


Recognize. Tricia will teach strategies to identify or acknowledge issues within your life that are preventing you from achieving your goals.  

Explore. She will help you explore and analyze those issues once they are identified.

Adapt. Tricia will work closely with you to define ways to modify or alter your behavior patterns to enable you to better adapt to situations and promote positivity.

Live. Finally, she will reveal techniques that allow you to exist with intention and purpose.

"Tricia always finds a way to make sure your self-worth is important. She provides insight that you would have never thought of about yourself. She is genuine and shares enthusiasm and true excitement when sharing goal accomplishments and or achieved."


- AnDionne. S., Lancaster, PA 

Tricia's Credentials