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In our lifetime we will experience numerous major life transitions. In his groundbreaking book Transitions, William Bridges wrote “transition always starts with an ending.” Many transitions are exhilarating, like starting an encore career, launching a new business, or rekindling relationships. Other transitions -- such as divorce, death of a life partner, becoming an empty nester -- often stir up deep emotions. 


Regardless if you’re experiencing a planned or unplanned life transition, it’s a time of redefinding who you are and establishing a new sense of self. To support you on this journey, we’ll use my REAL -- Recognize, Explore, Adapt, and Live -- framework, designed specifically to facilitate exploration, accelerate growth and master new skills. 

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Life Coaching is designed to help when:

  • Rediscovering a sense of self after divorce, death of a partner, or ending of an important relationship

  • Transitioning into retirement, changing careers, or launching a new endeavor

  • Feeling out of energy or balance, realizing that your relationships are unfulfilling

  • Exploring ways to make a bigger impact and craving to live more intentionally

  • Recognizing self-sabotaging behaviors and desire to create new patterns



Transitions are a time for reflection, redefining what you want and establishing a new sense of self. Guidance during this intensely internal and personal process can make transitions easier, if not joyful and exciting. 


As your life coach, you’ll find that I’m passionate and supportive. My approach is simple and straightforward. First, we’ll identify your specific challenges and behavior patterns. Second, we’ll create an action plan to align with your values and goals. Lastly, we’ll practice new skills to connect concepts to your real life.



Working through a major life transition can be an emotional and time-consuming journey. The number of coaching sessions depends on you, the goals you want to achieve, and the gaps to be filled. At the center of our work together is you. Each session will focus on the areas that the greatest impact on your success.

“Working with Trish Nabors has been a great blessing. I’d liken her coaching stills to that of a doula. With so many ideas floating around in my head, I struggled to stay on task.


She was a great listener, who brought positive energy to our coaching sessions. Most of all, she held me accountable to the goals that I set. Within six months of our first session, I was able to publish my novel; a baby that I carried for many years and that was long overdue.”

~ Bev


Intentionally Take the Next Step

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