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Studies have consistently shown that coaching positively impacts work performance, employee engagement, and job satisfaction. Working with a leadership coach is an intensive process that impacts both your professional and personal life. In our work together you’ll get REAL -- Recognize, Explore, Adapt, and Live -- using a framework that I developed to accelerate growth and master new skills.


Leadership is not about your level of responsibility, title you hold, or the size of your paycheck. It’s about your impact and influence on others. Leadership is also about fostering and cultivating diversity and inclusion. Leaders ensure all voices are heard, people are seen, and all feel they belong. I work with aspiring leaders and new leaders, newly minted entrepreneurs to seasoned business owners.  

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Coaching is designed to help when:

  • Transitioning into a new role, taking on increased responsibilities, or seeking new opportunities

  • Feeling out of energy or balance, realizing relationships are unfilling

  • Needing to make changes as a result of positive or negative feedback

  • Recognizing self-sabotaging behaviors and creating new patterns

  • Resolving skill gaps in yourself or within your team



Speaking your truth -- in your professional and personal life -- takes courage. I have helped hundreds of people from all walks of life discover their unique voice. As a woman of color, I’ve felt invalidated, minimized, and ignored in a variety of professional situations. I learned first-hand how important it is to speak up, not only for oneself, but for others. 


By honoring and honing your voice, you’ll feel transformed in ways you never imagined. As your leadership coach, you’ll find that I’m passionate, especially with motivated individuals driven to become exceptional leaders. I’ll help you see your blind spots, embrace your strengths, and create strategies that empower you and others. By using your voice, coupled with intention, you’ll create an environment of diversity, equity and inclusion.



We’re a product of the world in which we live. We’re predisposed to how we should think about ourselves and those who are different. As a result, systemic issues are centered around unequal roles, access, and opportunities. Company and community leaders struggle to resolve the ongoing challenge of diversity, inclusion and equity (DEI). 


As a leader, you have a shared responsibility in addressing the unaddressed. Together we will identify your challenges and behavior patterns that get in the way of aligning a diverse work environment that supports equity and inclusion. 


DEI leadership coaching focuses on:

  • Making an impact by going beyond intentions and working through misunderstandings

  • Speaking up rather than staying silent

  • Navigating difficult conversations to spark meaningful and lasting change

  • Creating psychological safety around DEI

  • Repairing trust and establishing a work environment that embraces both vulnerability and courageousness

  • Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable by proactively leading situations related to DEI



Your time and energy is valuable but also limited. You’ll find my coaching approach to be simple and straightforward. Together we’ll quickly identify your challenges, often using assessments to uncover patterns or behaviors getting in your way. We’ll create an action plan that aligns with your goals, creates the foundation for a growth mindset, and address the roadblocks that inevitably arise on any journey.


The number of sessions is dependent on you, the goals you want to achieve, and the gaps to be filled. At the center of leadership coaching is you. Each session is designed to help you do the work necessary to achieve what you want most.

"Trish always follows through, checks in with you, and asks questions in a way that makes you think on your own vs being told by her what you should do for your life. She does not ever make you feel like less of a person when you are trying to overcome a weakness.  Trish pushes one to think of solutions and come to conclusions on their own."

- Christine Harrison-Mahrer


Intentionally Take the Next Step

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