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Individual coaching provides an opportunity for one-on-one personal development, which is often more effective than sending an employee to assertiveness training in hopes of addressing any issues that exist. Often, employers require those deemed as "unhappy workers" to attend Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) when, in reality, a coaching session would prove to be more productive.  



Formal coaching sessions with Nabors Coaching Group, LLC, allow you to fine-tune issues of concern as well as the opportunity to address other grievances that an individual may not realize impacts their interaction with others. 


As a Personal Growth Expert, Tricia helps individuals see the underlying problems that often result in one's failure to take responsibility in situations involving conflict with others. A formal one-on-one coaching session with Tricia gives clients the chance to reflect and self-diagnose, resulting in accountability for negative behavior toward others. 


Tricia’s approach is fairly simple and straightforward. She will never shy away from tough conversations, but more importantly, she’s not afraid to speak the things that others often think but lack the courage to say. 


Individuals and companies who invest in Nabors coaching services are quick to realize the benefits of their investment in these ways:

  • Boost in self-confidence 

  • Improved work performance 

  • Better relationships 

  • Ability to communicate more effectively 


Tricia’s diverse work history has enabled her to coach individuals from all walks of life, from the unemployed to corporate executives, and everything in between. She truly cares about people and the world we live in. Tricia is invigorated by other people's positive energy and genuinely thrives when she’s helping people figure out their truth.

“Tricia didn't use a cookie-cutter approach during my coaching sessions with her for direction in my personal and professional life. She provided surveys as well as conducted interviews with me to drill down to more specific needs.“ 


- Glenda B., Mountville, PA -

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