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Have you ever wanted to have a quick conversation with an amazing coach about an issue you’re struggling with? It’s completely normal, everyone gets bogged down from time to time.


Tricia has received such an overwhelmingly positive response to her “Hour Power Sessions” with existing clients that she wanted to make this service available to everyone. Now, you don’t have to be an existing client to receive help overcoming the hurdle you’re facing, personal or professional, with a Nabors Coaching Group, LLC, Hour Power Session. 



Anyone who knows Tricia knows that she has an incredible ability to dig deep, quickly. At an early age, she recognized her own extraordinary ability to listen to what others had to say and the importance of being heard. Now, as a Personal Growth Expert, she uses these skills to quickly and safely break down barriers, ask the right questions, and get to the root of any issue.


Please know that when you work with Tricia, she will never shy away from tough conversations. More importantly, she is not afraid to speak the things that others think but lack the courage to say - always giving it to you, candidly and truthfully. 



While it's impossible to suggest guaranteed outcomes with any session, Tricia will provide you with the tools and direction to help guide you on your path to achieving your desired outcome - motivation and inspiration are based solely on the individual. 

  • Discussion of one issue - business, career, or personal as long as the issue can be addressed within a 60-minute session. 

  • Suggested actions for implementation will be shared.

  • Strategies for implementation.


There are many connection options available for your personalized, one-on-one Power Session with Tricia:

  • Zoom (video conferencing).

  • Telephone.

  • In-person.

“Trish works on empowering others by offering praise, words of encouragement, and direction, without enabling them. She sets boundaries with clients and helps clients establish personal and professional boundaries as well.” 


- Christine H., Lancaster, PA -

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